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Cahaya Harapan Indonesia Sejahtera (CHIS) school has a mission to educate children living
in Denpasar city, Indonesia and provide them with quality education. By providing
international standard school facilities and quality education, CHIS school is hoping that
parents do not have to send their children to the capital city such as Surabaya or Jakarta,
Indonesia or abroad to obtain similar standard of education.
Working together with CHIS Foundation as a partner in education management, CHIS
School was established in Denpasar on September 2000. In 2000, CHIS school was located at
Hayam Wuruk street, Denpasar, started with play-ground and kindergarten with around 80
students. In the next 3 years (2003), CHIS school moved to Griya Anyar street, southern
Denpasar, Bali Island, Indonesia. In this location, CHIS school opened from toddler to senior
high school, and now educating about 400 students.
Bali is one of the most popular international destinations known for its beautiful nature and
its culture. There are so many people from different countries come to Bali which allows
multi-cultural interactions between locals and tourists. Hence, it is a must to prepare human
resources to be able to communicate well in various languages in order to develop Bali to a
brighter future and to think globally without forgetting Bali’s culture.
CHIS School is a National Plus school that helps you to improve your skills in communicating
in different languages, especially Mandarin and English. To accomplish this goal,
CHIS students will be given minimally 6 hours each of English and Mandarin class per week,
guided and tutored by native teachers. Furthermore, CHIS School also
evolves local culture and Balinese language as additional local subject.
CHIS is using a tailor-made curriculum that integrates National (Indonesian) curriculum and
teaching approaches with international curriculum. Language of instructions being used in
teaching and learning is Indonesia and English. Students in primary to senior high school
level learn Mandarin, English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Character Building as
their compulsory subjects. To be able to teach those subjects, we recruited almost 60
Indonesian teachers and almost 20 teachers from many countries
(United Kingdom, UnitedStates of America, Australia, Canada and China).
CHIS School also helps to improve student’s talents through some extracurricular programs,
such as cooking class, science club, music and dance, computer, Lion Dance (Barong-Sai),
futsal, basketball, etc. To conduct all these activities, CHIS School provides facilities and
infrastructures, such as science laboratories, computer laboratory, library, all around school
wi-fi access, cafeteria, etc.